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Live Life On Your Terms

Find out what the hell they are doing to us.

Discover ways to live and work around it.

While living a stress-free, happy, and healthy life!

The Truth Will Set You Free

Really!?! Really!?! This is all there is to life?? We shouldn't believe that working at a shit job we can't stand or that is making us sick, working 40+ hours and/or 2-3 jobs with no time for ourselves, our family, our passions, or just being able to sit and breathe is what life is supposed to be like. 

That working just to work, just to pay those ridiculously high energy, food, or rent/mortgage bills, those messed up medical expenses (that they brought on us anyway), and let's not forget the illegal TAXES they take!!! There is no way this is all there is to life!!

I get it. They keep us too damn busy, stressed, depressed, sick, and exhausted to know what in the hell is going on in the US let alone the world, or even care. I am sure you are thinking but what can I do? What does it matter? All those negative thoughts and questions go through your head. 

I am here to tell you that YOU do matter. One less bad shit going into or on our body is better than not doing anything. One lie not believed in can determine many things. Who we vote for (or hell, does it even matter anymore). Whether or not we are sick and exhausted or healthy and happy. Whether we get to EVER see the Grand Canyon or spend those measly vacation days sick on the couch instead. Whether you buy brand A which is killing and making us sick or brand B which is safe and harms no one. Not even the village mutt.

We do need to care because ALL of it is making us dumb, making us sick, downright killing us, and let's not forget our KIDS! This truth affects them even more so than we adults. They get to clean up after this mess when we are old. The truth will impact us all mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. They make it so that we will never get the chance to retire or enjoy this lovely chance at life we have been given. 

We need the truth so we can fight back in whatever way we can. The less we buy of their shitty product cuts into their profits and either they see that we won't take it anymore and they change their ingredients or they go bankrupt. Either way, it's a win.

Let me help and cut through the shit so we know the truth. Knowing the truth is another way of saying fuck them and their rules that only apply to us lesser folks and don't forget the indoctrination of our kids. Then, if the truth bomb piques your interest you can join my little community for further verification, details, and possible solutions, or use your most precious resource (yup, it is your time and energy) to dig deeper to verify that truth bomb that is being used against you and your family. 

We all know there is so much bullshit out there that you don't know if anything you see, hear, read, hell anything, is true or not anymore. Damn AI! I am doing the digging anyway to help myself and my family through all the governmental and corporate lies, AI bullshit, and misinformation. 

I want my family to have the best information possible so that they can live a safe, healthy, and happy life. I hope you will join me in taking back your life and living it on your terms!

Defy The Status Quo & Live Life On Your Terms

Who decided how the hell we should live anyway?? Who decided we need the "white picket fence" or even four walls? Who decided we have to work a boring and stressful 9-5, 40+ hours a week, at 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet? Who decided we needed to make *insert X amount* to be happy or successful? Shit, I almost forgot, who decided for us how much we need to make just to RENT a damn house?!?!

Who freaking decided for us that we only get 2 days off a week and maybe 1-2 weeks a year for a vacation (that we wind up spending on sick days anyway)??

Who decided for us that we only get a few hours at the end of the day to see our family, do whatever we need or want to do, maybe even just relax? Not like we have the energy or mental capacity anyway after that long stressful day. Can you say couch, Netflix, and McD's. Ya, now that's an exciting and happy life, said no one ever. 

The sad part is our kids and family get the worst of us at the end of the day. No wonder the kids seem angry, unhappy, and depressed, anymore cause I know I come off that way at the end of the day.

I am doing my due diligence to find out and share the many ways to really and truly LIVE happy and fulfilling lives while being able to enjoy time with family and friends. I am going to ask everyone to look within themselves and see if they can identify what they want out of life. 

10 years ago I would have said most wanted that white picket fence with four walls and a fancy car. Today though, I have a feeling that is not our top priority. Time and freedom, health and wellness and just being stress-free and financially free are more important now than ever before. 

We are going to learn what foods to eat that are not full of poisons that are making us sick, and ultimately putting us in early graves. Not to mention keeping us from loving life! We are going to identify REAL medicine, safe cleaning, and hygiene products. There are companies out there that DO care about us and the environment that should get our hard-earned dollars or we can get our hands dirty and make our own after learning to grow the majority of what is needed. Save a buck and our lives too!

We might as well take a look at what we can do to make enough money to live life on our terms and it won't be working for those corporations that don't give two shits if you eat cereal for dinner or a steak, that we all know is on their plate at dinner time.

We are going to determine and prioritize what it is we need and want to live a happy life! It just might shock us what we find out we want out of life at this point. I believe that it is not what we thought it would be and won't be found at the local Wally world or online delivery either! I know it was a shock to me when I figured out what I wanted the rest of my life to be like.

It is time to be brazen and kick the so-called societal norm in the ass and learn what we can do to truly live and love our life on our terms!!

Lil Ole Me

Just an ole lady that is tired of society's bullshit! Although my kids are adults with kids of their own my concern for them outweighs that of myself. It is my goal to take my time and resources (because they are too busy and stressed) and find the truths and ways for them to truly live a life they love and leave something for their children.

I am tired of the bullshit and lies that come from the elites, higher-ups, authorities, government, corporations, or even DICTATORS or whatever you want to call them. I ask, who made them god?? They are ruining our lives so that we have nothing more to give or any ability to enjoy this wonderful life and planet we have been given.

It is up to us to decide how we want to live and what those terms are. My terms include doing something I am passionate about that will provide just enough to live a sustainable lifestyle while having plenty of time to enjoy the little things and explore my spiritual and emotional well-being and the ability to feed my body and soul with what I produce or trade with others.

Who says we have to live by the societal norm? Looks like it isn't working too me so I am going to do what feels right as my eyes and heart open. I will be listening and trusting my intuition now more than ever before.

Come with me as we find the truth of life and our true purpose!

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